Use Virginia Green Initiative, Inc’s. (VGI) Green Business Challenge (GBC) at your company to uncover opportunities for saving money, reducing your impact on the environment and helping your community!  The VGI GBC is a sustainability recognition program open to all Virginia businesses whether for-profit or non-profit.

Change is hard no matter if it’s personal or in the workplace where measurement and a bit of mental agility and flexibility help you and your team achieve the results you’re after.   The VGI GBC provides six areas for companies to keep moving on their path to environmental sustainability.  At our July meeting, Dr. Beth Offenbacker and Candice Guillaudeu, M.A., talked about just these things in getting started on the VGI Green Business Challenge.

Ms. Guillaudeu started off by showing different environmental sustainability models to draw from for ideas.  Next she went into how to outline a sustainability report first by determining its boundaries on whether they’re organizational or financial and lastly showed a working draft report for a home-based business.

Bringing up the topic of reporting may get some people all excited and others just don’t even want to think about it.  How does a team navigate just even the basics of deciding on measurements and goals?  Collaboration can be hard, and that’s where Executive and Six Seconds EQ coach, Dr. Beth Offenbacker of Waterford, Inc. gave some wonderful tips on navigating these different types situations.


Thank-you so much to our speakers!  We really enjoyed having you!

Candice Guillaudeu, M.A. of Your Business Our World

Dr. Beth Offenbacker of Waterford, Inc.









Below is the PowerPoint used during the presentation

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