VGI Green Business Challenge award winners and volunteers, Little Tree Huggers Preschool takes environmental sustainability very seriously. In keeping with our Green Business Challenge area of Waste Management for the months of October and November, Lia Johnson, Director of Little Tree Huggers, LLC, sent us some photos of our youngest generation doing their part to help reduce waste.

Food Waste accounts for approximately 30% of the waste that goes into landfills from which methane is emitted. Out of the 6 different greenhouse gases Methane is the most potent.

Each of their students bring daily their organic waste from home, instead of throwing it in the trash. In a matter of few months this organic waste turns into compost, that will be use in early spring to be part of the organic soil for our vegetables.

Taking compost to their garden

There are many components to preventing food waste, from capturing it right before it goes into the trash to capturing it while it’s still edible, just not “pretty”. Capturing it while it’s still very much edible and usable is the Food Recovery stage, and there are many different activities companies are doing, from diverting it to the hungry through food pantrys, volunteer food runner services.

Wild native flowers also benefit of the compost, helping the soil to grow a garden that feeds all the pollinators that visit all year around.

Composting for home businesses is relatively easy to accomplish, just do vegetable scraps only, no meat or dairy. For more information on getting started, check out the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s short video on composting. There is also composting on a much more industrial scale, that can handle the meats, compostable packaging, etc

How do you take care of your business’s Food Waste?

Many thank-yous to Lia Johnson and Little Tree Huggers, LLC!

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