Jennifer Kaine joined us at our VGI meeting on Thursday April 25th where she introduced us to Beautycounter, a Certified B Corp beauty products supplier and manufacturer.

Jen Kaine

During her talk, she introduced us to Beautycounter’s commitment to the environment and better beauty and personal care products for men and women through processes such as thorough testing of ingredients for minimal impact to the human body, transparency on the chemicals contained in their products, facilities are clean and sterile, no testing on animals, packaging that uses less plastic, as well as using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper, right down to advocacy for better policy.

Beautycounter is a founding member of the Sustainability Chemistry Society, whose purpose is to minimize use of hazardous chemicals.  In their company, they intentionally ban over 1500 ingredients which comprise their “Never List“.

Strong policy at the federal level is also important not only for the personal care products but also for other environmental protections and progress.  The video below explains more about Beautycounter’s passion for better protection from harmful chemicals.

After the video take a look at the federal policy they’re working on along with the Environmental Working Group on the Personal Care Products Safety Act.

Contact Jen Kaine, if you want to learn more about Beautycounter products and/or their advocacy for better and more updated policies.

Thank-you Jen for speaking at our VGI monthly meeting!